Zuger Kirschtorte - Zuger Kirsch Tarte - Swiss wide famous
Our top specialty : Awarded with a gold medal at the Swiss Bakery Trophy !!!! In between of two crispy baked hazelnut/suger/eggwhite-bottoms you find a bisquit, soaked with Kirsch-schnaps, branded in our cherry-tree area. The top is covered with a thin coat of buttercream and topped with powdered suger. An ideal cake for give-away or just to enjoy yourself.
Postal deliveries european-wide possible - order form on this hompage.

Café-Kirsch Torte / Coffee Kirsch cake
A short-pastry bottom with 1/3 coffee-mousse, 1/3 bisquit soaked with Kirsch-schnaps and 1/3 of fresh whipped cream. Covered with dark chocolate powder. A delicacy of a special kind - only produced in our house !!

Schwarzwälder - Black forrest cake
Crispy baked bottom of hazelnut/suger and eggwhite with 1/3 of chocolate mousse, 1/3 of chocolate bisquit and 1/3 of fresh whipped cream. Topped with chocolate-chips. A popular classic for young and old....

Raspberry Yoghurt Cake

A light yoghurt cream with Raspberry fruit puree, a light bisquit and shortpastry on the bottom. Garnised with whipped cream.

Raspberry Cake

A light bisquit filled with a fluffy vanilla cream and topped with fresh Raspberries. Topped with a bit of whipped cream.

Tusnelda Cake
Our Chilestägli Classic: Different puff pastry layers which are filled with vanilla cream and whipped cream. On the bottom we have small pineapple slices. The top is frosted and garnised with a bit of whipped cream.

Schwedentorte - Swedish Cake

A light bisquit filled with a fluffy vanilla cream. The whole cakes will be covered with a colored Marzipan (almond paste). Decoration as you wish.

Sacher Torte
According to the recipe of the original Vienna Sacher Torte. Chocolate bisquit with original Grand Cru chocolate, a bit of apricote Marmelade and covered with finest Grand Cru chocolate. A pleasure for "Young and Old"

A Dessert of a Special Kind !!! A light pleasure of bisquit, vanillacream and finest Kirsch (cherry brandy of Arth. Will be served with extra vanilla Sauce - one of our Top Desserts !!!! Not to be served to children......

Vacherin Cake / Icecream Cake
A cake made with our finest, homemade icecream - you choose the flavour. Garnished with a bit of whipped cream.

Prices in CHFr.

 20 cmØ  Fr. 25.00
   22 cmØ  Fr. 31.50  -  24 cmØ  Fr. 35.00