The history of the "Chilestägli" in Arth

Bakery Chilestägli - bread since 1842

It is not unusual, in our fast-living world, that a company is in business since 165 years - but it is quite unusual that this business is in the same family since 6 generations !

Family chronicle :

The 1st generation : In the year of 1842 Franz Felchlin-Zay buys the property and establishes the "bakery" and "restaurant" Chilestägli. After 24 years, in 1866, he hands it over to his oldest son Josef.

The 2nd generation : Josef Felchlin-Fassbind, born in 1833, manages the business during 34 years,  until 1900. In this year he will hand it over to his son Josef.

The 3rd generation : Josef Felchlin-Kamer took this business over at the age of 25 years. Unfortunately he died too young - in 1920. His wife, Rosa and their son Josef will manage the business from now on.

The 4th generation : Josef Felchlin-Meier, born 1901, manages the Chilestägli durning 47 years - with a lot of enthusiasm and pure passion together with his wife Marie. In 1967 they hand this business over to their son Jörg.

The fifth gereation : Jörg Felchlin-Keiser, born 1935, manages the Chilestägli just after the "125 year-anniversary". They look after the business, as well as the Restaurant during 25 years - untill the year 2000.

The 6 generation : In January 2000, Josef Felchlin, born 1968, and his partner, Gaby Kwasnitschka (born 1964) they take over this business. In 2007 Josef's brother Zeno (born 1976) and his wife Carmen (born 1979) join the business.

During all these generations - there where big changes in the village Arth and also concering business. All the generations of the Familiy Felchlin always tried to be "up to date" and set a high value on quality and development.
There where also big changes in the bakehouse: During 80 years e.g. they used a wood stove. After the World War I,  it was replaced by a steam stove. In 1947 the whole bakehouse has been modernised with electricity. After several years one was short of space and therefore in 1974 the bakehouse has been enlarged and renovated. In 1991 also the old cooling system has been replaced and enlarged by a new one. In 1993 the Restaurant has been closed and reformed to an appartment. 
In 2007 the bakehouse and the shop has been totally renovated, enlarged and modernised. Today the "Chilestägli-Team" consists of 16 employees.
Although, in these days, it would be easy to replace handwork by machines - in our business it is essential to prepare good quality products still by hand-work. All the breads, pastries, pâtisserie and chocolate work are still made by hand - and our house is proud of it. We do not use any preservatives and only high quality raw material - and whenever possible - We buy products from the farmers in our area.
A lot of specialities are still produced since generations - have been improved by quality - or have been created new.
But the real "hit" exists since 80 years : The swiss-wide famous "Kirschtorte". An endolguence of a special kind - A bisquit soaked with Kirsch-Schnaps which has been produced in our village. With this specialty we even won the gold medal at the Swiss Bakery Trophy.....
This cake keeps fresh during several days and it is possible to ship it european-wide (order form on this homepage)